to @ZAmmi

Hi, I wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday. You’re right, I was speaking at you, not with you. And a lot of confusion could’ve been avoided if I explained that although I understand the academic definition of fascism and where it lands on an kind of ideological spectrum or clock face or axis, I don’t agree with it. For me, it doesn’t logically make any sense. I definitely, as you made the observation, don’t want you to think I am equating you or labeling you with anything bad or wrong or anything like that. You’ve told me what you consider yourself to be, but I don’t see you as anything other than the very nice, sweet, and pleasant friend I’ve made in this space. For example: because I disagree with Barack Obama, and believe his way of governing to be a mistake, I don’t hate him. I don’t even dislike him (I don’t know him, how could I honestly dislike someone I don’t know?). I disagree with him. A lot. I don’t know how it is in England, but here in America, it seems, there are many who actively hate people who have different ideologies. Not me.


Anyway, I just want to make sure you know I would never presume to label you, or want to offend you, by equating your beliefs with anything repugnant. I think we’ve proven, time and again, that while we do disagree on some things, we are friendly and open and cordial, and we agree on a great many other things, and I always find that to be more important. I know we’ve never met, and probably never will, but I like to think of you as a friend. Again, this is all about POV. In my POV, I look at ideology and -isms and forms of government and I measure and define them with how they affect the individual. It’s what makes sense to me. The way I look at it, the further right you go, the more freedom for the individual until you make your way to anarchy, which is no government and total individual freedom. While the further left you go, the less freedom is granted the individual because the government takes more and more decision making power over each individual. In looking at it like that, fascism falls on the left side of center, because although they do things in different ways and have different propaganda than communists, fascists suspend civil liberties and take away individual freedoms. For me, it’s always about the impact on the individual, because that’s what means the most to me personally.

Again, I know it isn’t the academic way of defining it, but also, to be honest, I don’t entirely trust the world of Academia when it comes to defining this -ism or any -ism, really. That’s a whole other discussion to be sure, but I just want you to know… I would never label you or equate you with anything evil or wrong. I understand it’s not the purely academic definition, it’s just one of those things I’ve tried to wrap my head around in my own way.

Whew, okay, that was a lot, and I apologize for the length, but you deserve an explanation and you deserve an apology. Because I care about what you think, and I am fond of our friendship, and of you. You’re a wonderful person, and I’m sorry for talking at you. I’m sorry for acting like what you were saying didn’t matter, because that was wrong, and in all of our many discussions that has always been furthest from the truth. What you have to say does matter to me. A lot. 

Your friend, 

— Matt